Fujian 2020 is expected to build a large data platform for ecological environment monitoring

With the continuous development of

society, the environment has also caused great pressure. At present, Fujian province has put forward a new plan for environmental governance. The further establishment of the ecological environment monitoring large data platform, in 2020 is expected to be completed, able to timely and accurate response to environmental quality related conditions!

learned from the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau reporter the day before, according to the introduction of our province "ecological environment monitoring network construction plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), by 2020, the province will basically achieve the ecological environment, the key sources of pollution control and ecological protection of the red line area full coverage of monitoring points. Basically built a large data platform for ecological environment monitoring, national – provincial – City – county level four ecological environment monitoring data will be shared by the Internet, unified monitoring information released.

according to the "plan", the next five years, the province will be unified planning and ecological environment monitoring network, covering the construction of the atmosphere, water, noise, radiation, soil, biological and ecological elements, covering the whole province and reasonable layout, clear division of labor, the province’s ecological environment monitoring network, to carry out monitoring and evaluation in accordance with the standards unified, objective and accurately reflect the situation of environmental quality.

, carry out monitoring of water quality in the area of the province, the main basin centralized drinking water sources, lakes and reservoirs, river, city key water source protection areas, and strive to "13th Five-Year" during the completion of the province’s air and water environment automatic monitoring full coverage.

in addition, the province will also build a unified ecological environment monitoring large data platform, the integration of existing monitoring terminals at all levels, and further improve the various types of monitoring data collection network, optimizing the monitoring data collection process. On this basis, the establishment of provincial, city and county three levels of ecological environmental monitoring data collection and effective sharing mechanism, and with the national ecological environment monitoring large data platform docking.

in order to better play the role of monitoring data, the province will also improve the ecological environment quality forecast and early warning mechanism, to achieve environmental risk warning and control combined with the use of big data technology to improve early warning information reliability and speed of response. The relevant departments will establish a joint mechanism for monitoring and supervision of law enforcement agencies, once the monitoring data anomalies, law enforcement officers will be dispatched quickly, excessive emissions, counterfeit data and other violations immediately investigated according to law.

The traditional economic development of

has caused great damage to the environment. "Protect the environment, everyone, every one of us should start from their own, adhere to when a good care of the environment, we have a nice clean environment and work!

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