nvited to join

now 5-6 million dollars do, enough to buy a house down payment costs, why would the money spent in the hands of local investment, join the mountain cooked, let your money with you on the road to riches.

forest food franchise fee? The amount of investment of 5-10 million yuan to join the mountain forest to join the cooked food, cooked food, store franchise investment crowd to bring the real wealth of life, for investors to high-quality products, forest food franchise cooperation franchise store, a wealth of mountain forest! Cooked high visibility, the market has great potential for development.

Shanghai Mountain Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, to develop the domestic market, the establishment of domestic sales network, located in the scenic city of Shanghai. Is a single store franchise catering to join cooperation, management and planning, research and production of raw materials and cooked food series products integrated enterprises. The company’s products have a number of intellectual property rights, and has passed the ISO9002 international quality system certification, ranking the leading position in the market.

forest cooked food has swept the country’s major cities, the company complies with the market trend, insight into market opportunities for the establishment of the forest food brand for the national investment. Forest food completely subvert the previous business model, can adapt to the different needs of different consumers.

to promote healthy, affordable brand concept using the most advanced instruments to ensure product quality in line with international QS standards.

Shanghai Forest Food Co. Ltd., according to the development needs of the company, is now facing the national recruitment of outstanding master franchising cooperation, common development, win-win.

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