n this way the old driver China nternet jungle rabbit will eventually escape the fate of captured


was carrying the "idealism" banner of the App app store pea pods, who insisted on not stand in the venture star product, eventually did not stick to the end.

once again, the rumor becomes the truth.

on the afternoon of July 5th, pea pods official micro-blog account at 2 p.m. on July 5th to confirm the acquisition of Ali, pea pods confirmed to be incorporated into the mobile group Alibaba.


pea pod helpless reflects the field of mobile application distribution fast change pattern: in the old driver of the China Internet jungle, the rabbit will eventually escape the fate of captured.


we are most concerned about the transaction price, according to NetEase technology report, peasecod founder Wang Junyu said, due to the secrecy is not convenient to disclose the transaction price, but before the media revealed that the $200 million is not true.

reasons for the inclusion of Ali, according to Wang Junyu and then published on the individual micro-blog article, and he spread the pea pods in the past, looks a little different:

mobile application distribution industry is currently fragmented competition, the urgent need to integrate channels, products and brand advantages, at the same time, the user direct search demand of APP gradually transformed into the demand for content.

in such a change, the mobile application store should be more and other cultural and entertainment products together to form a product matrix, while the need for real big data.

was born in

, pea pods


pea pod mobile communication will be incorporated into Ali, Wang Junyu wearing a gray T-shirt, blue pants and jeans, compared to Ali Mobile Business Group CEO He Xiaopeng UC dress, Wang Junyu is very casual, as in the past Google fan children. Pea pod is the first batch of innovative factory incubator project, including the early stages of the team, including Wang Junyu, Google origin.

, as Wang Junyu said, pea pods in China has been a unique existence of the Internet, pea pods mood has been a small fresh China Mobile Internet presence.


looked back over the past seven years, pea pods have been brilliant, recently fell into depression. Now choose to sell, its story is a microcosm of the evolution of China Mobile application distribution market.

mobile application distribution market was born with the popularity of smart phones. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android has its own app store, closed ecological apple, is forced to use their own App Store unified iOS market.

but is committed to open source Android, can support third party application store, plus Google in China >

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