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University of Pennsylvania Walton School of business, China Center inauguration ceremony was held in Beijing in March 10th. Pictured deputy director of Suning group Sun Weimin. (photo: Sina Finance Liu Haiwei photo)

Sina Finance and economics, University of Pennsylvania, Walton School of business, China Center inauguration ceremony was held in Beijing in March 10th. Sun Weimin, deputy director of Suning group, said in his speech, China’s retailers are not happy.

however, he also pointed out that in the next two years of three years, the retail industry itself is not able to out of trough, but the retail market in Chinese is an industry in chaoyang.

is the following text record:

Sun Weimin: in Chinese, development of retail industry as Marshall professor L.Fisher says, the basis of China retail entity yet to development and integration, all of a sudden to PC Internet, PC Internet has not formed climate, once again to the mobile internet. Like China’s great leap forward era, in fact, many foreign counterparts in the field of China’s retail industry is not understand, why China’s e-commerce will become the world’s most developed countries and regions. Now accounted for 10% of total retail sales exceeded last year. E-commerce in the United States is about ten years earlier than China’s history, and we spend more than half of the u.s.. There are three reasons for this:

first, China’s traditional physical retail is highly fragmented, the current line of retail enterprises in China has about four hundred or so, which is difficult to imagine in any country and region in the world. So such a high degree of dispersion, in fact, many companies do not have the ability to come and go into new business innovation, because the new business requires a large investment.

second, China itself is a big country in the world, China’s manufacturing itself is very developed. Including export at home, due to manufacturing is developed, which supply is very full, good goods, unsalable goods, and even fake, are very developed.

third, in China has also made a very special character events, the development of China’s electronic affairs is called a platform led. This is also in many countries it is difficult to imagine things, so far in the entire Chinese platform sales accounted for at least 80% of the total e-commerce sales scale. Really like to engage in proprietary retail side, the proportion actually even less than 20%, even if we do self online retail, also have to do some transformation platform, now we are in the transition of the platform. Therefore, the development of China’s e-commerce can not be separated from a person, he took the United States and Japan after the money in China to create a platform model, because he knows the retail industry itself is a very hard job. But it is a very good business to be a retail service provider, because there are four hundred retailers online

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