By advertising a monthly income of 3000 yuan experience sharing

Hello everyone, a few days ago for my 4000ip website to write a few articles on how to flow, today I come to talk to you about my website monthly income of 3000 yuan download site experience. My level is limited, not a subject to further my opinion, can only speak generally! Because do stand for more than 3 years, the heart has a sense to say a few words, I hope some newcomers can play a guiding role, it is hoped that an expert to pointing to billion space, is fast! I downloaded


a, select the advertising alliance to pay attention to the elements:

1, search advertising alliance name, look at the evaluation of Internet users.

2, the company’s name is the name of the search advertising alliance, the company’s best not to join the league, of course, is not absolute, depending on the specific circumstances, it is best to operate a company advertising alliance!

3, search advertising alliance company address, to avoid the same address of different companies, such as the 10 companies are the address, so to consider.

4, view the domain name of the advertising alliance information, such as record information, registration time, time rankings, etc.

two, recommended advertising alliance gains: recommend me to contact a good advertising alliance

advertising media: advertising is good publicity, easy industry is relatively well-known, pop-up ads and rich media ads are more strongly recommended, every day can get 10 yuan of advertising publicity! Easy also in A5 advertising, of course I’m not as easy to do promotional advertising, I just love this advertising, timely payment, as long as you have a good website, adding advertising is the best choice, but the premise is to achieve the 4000IP website to join, this is a mandatory requirement of



thunderbolt Alliance: a website for download, thunderbolt alliance is indispensable, at present day can get 8 to 10 yuan in advertising, of course, for my website 4000IP, a cost of 10 yuan is too little, after that will be better! You can go to see



Asian friends Alliance: we all know that this alliance is recommended as long as users join, you will have money, of course, money may be trouble spots, but it is still very easy to make money, so we just try to go to recommend, or earn a dollar, although members, is inefficient members also have $0.2 a also, there are 1.2 yuan, it is also good, my website one day there are 30 to 50 registered, about 40 to 50 yuan income! We recommend to do this alliance! Of course, the promotion of skills we can go to research about temporarily not here!

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