2016 media profits come from 000 word Wen Daopo initiative

at the turn of the year, not counting the last year for the new year, the traditional media is in decline, but the new media is not ye ", see more similar to read this paper, hackneyed and stereotyped expressions, pragmatic, cutting-edge, unique, it is to evaluate this article.

in June 2014, I wrote an article "the state-owned media offensive", some efforts, I summed up the state media in the first half of 2014 and forecast, "the state-owned media around the provincial Party Secretary’s attention, sooner or later, will be in action".

throughout 2015, is not under the provincial Party Secretary of the attention I do not know, but the action is obvious. The main action is: there are a lot of news client came out.

this is the trend of the temple. Rivers and lakes trend?

in January 2015, I wrote an article from the evolution of the media: in 2014, after the harvest, because of the business income, with a business path, the beginning of the institutionalization of the company. 2015, this will become a trend of the trend."

throughout 2015, we have seen the interest of the public interest in the number of investment institutions WeChat. Especially after the bursting of the O2O bubble, the rise of content entrepreneurship. Because the latter seems to be able to solve the problem of the former is a very tangled: traffic costs are too high.

so, in 2016, what is the business trend of the media industry?


series will be divided into three parts to discuss the future trends of this year are: giant, temples and lakes.

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giant article: when WeChat launched search

The so-called

giant, refers to the private enterprises as the main body of the Internet Co, but the market has been quite large (such as billions of dollars) or is in the rapid rise period (such as today’s headlines), and has the obvious characteristics of the platform.

I’m not talking about the trend of these giants, I want to discuss is that some of the giants of the action of the media business trends.

a, WeChat

has China’s largest active user groups and social relationships chain, WeChat public account, even if the initial stage of how to dilute its media properties, the media still regard it as the number one position. Later some of WeChat’s official attitude changes — such as the original text of the attention and support, is to let the media.

in the smart phone is still the premise of our hardware center, there is no application can replace WeChat’s phenomenal product location. Because the mobile Internet has disappeared, the demographic dividend, scale of social attribute audience without distinction of the level of the product is very difficult to use the. But this is not to say that WeChat’s dominance will not be shared by competitors.

although there is often the so-called WeChat dividend does not exist, the number of open rate is decreasing

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