2011 Taobao customers to make money to start training the latest gimmick

training content: 2011 Taobao customers to make money the latest gimmick training

training mode: remote network training video + video teaching

training: 15

registration advice: QQ:583850134 886128 phone 0516-83798263 18605160189

start time: July 29th – August 14th (day 20:00 – 21:30)

Lecturer: Dragon team

charges: charge 800 yuan per person (vip1000 yuan tutorial content and team like dragon)

lecture content reference

lesson one: the current comprehensive analysis of Taobao guest industry

second class: a successful Taobao customer repair

third lesson: buy the cheapest and best use of the domain name and space


fourth: what kind of program should you choose?

fifth lesson: teach you 15 minutes in all domain and spatial panel


sixth lesson: start your Taobao customers to make money

The seventh class:

special path to determine the core keyword

eighth lesson: wordpress— Taobao guest weapon

ninth lesson: how to create a most competitive Amoy station!

tenth lesson: a Taobao guest master will do the early 10 things

eleventh lesson: combat skills – how to start making money on the seventh day

class: Twelfth combat skills – Ace army PK army

thirteenth lesson: combat skills – -0 cost to do high-end techniques Taobao passenger

through the previous 13 lessons we can start to make money.

fourteenth lesson, lesson fifteen, the sixteen class in the VIP group released, there will be notified when the world. If the first 13 classes we do not perform

so, after the three classes we see no meaning. Please abide by the team’s training rules, everything is for

Hello everyone.

training instructions


is currently the most popular guest Wangzhuan, most beginner operation of the project, and most are unable to earn money, the biggest reason is to choose the wrong way, in 2010 the use of single page station group and combination of SEO to sell profiteering products, the current mode of Taobao off a lot of money, but also very suitable for novice friends. Easy to use, low technology content, what almost no cost, also are selling profits products, such as diet pills, freckle products, breast enhancement products, the conversion rate is very high, just.

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