nternet thinking the king grass root who in the world


said grass root who in the world? Means that companies do not always think about products and services to meet the advanced users, should be oriented to the wider group of users, because the strength of the masses is great. In fact, long before a sentence sounds plain words: the masses loved. Because in this society, the number of grass root is huge, grass root love things obviously with the maximum of this characteristic, so there is a saying: "is the core value of grass root economy".

The concept of

we put forward "grass root thinking", with more economic terms, an Internet platform and exchange media refers to the present, to the grassroots demand, supply, low cost, small and micro circulation and network transactions is a grassroots nature of the product thinking mode of user needs, and its essence is a very popular thinking state "". "Grass root" as a kind of network language, in addition to the banter and self deprecating meaning, but also full of a self fulfilling social mentality, the mentality is not self deprecating, there is a sense of motivation. As all the "grass root" will often dream of "counter attack", the growing popularity of the Internet in China, "grass root thinking" condensed in numerous "micro" might one day to become the main force Chinese economic growth, this is the grass root economy.

According to a

survey released in April 2013, the "grass root" the number exceeded 526 million, which is obviously not including the elderly and children. The data show that in 70 to 90 has a certain economic ability of users, rich handsome, white Formica only a few, the rest is a grass root. "Grass root" momentary fame, derived from "grass root" economics, enterprises began to study "grass root" to meet their communicative needs in the virtual world. For the business of "grass root who in the world, and the Internet industry Chinese vebeen playing free card and low brand started, unique" grass root economy "characteristics, such as the most successful case – millet grass root end equipment.

In fact,

millet before birth, almost all people once thought that iPhone was in the arcade Chinese, but in fact, many people spend a few months salary to buy a iPhone, there are more people just to. Millet accurate positioning of this group, so that the performance of the brand, price, to achieve the perfect unity, winning the group, is to see not buying groups, they don’t think millet than apple feel bad, because the price can be better than than the performance, although many people do not use iOS however, they don’t care about what is the difference between the two kinds of operating system, they have a grass root mentality of the most simple, that is my millet is much better than your samsung. But in fact, millet more ambitious, new red rice mobile phone depreciate further deep low-cost market, those who are not willing to buy millet group than not willing to buy iPhone far more people, millet can continue with low price and performance plus brand to seize the origin in the mountain Zhai machine market.


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