Pathfinder through micro business 60 days of single product sales over Tmall

[Reuters] billion state power in cosmetics, more categories of big brands are flocking to the field of micro business. Get news billion state power network in the near future, the domestic leading brand of outdoor Pathfinder to explore the micro channel through its joint venture brand Discovery Expedition.

it is understood, Discovery Expedition from the United States Discovery channel, Pathfinder in 2013 Discovery Expedition introduced the domestic brand positioning function, self driving equipment. Compared with the Pathfinder, Discovery Expedition the price higher, users are also more young fashion, its overall sales in 2014 of about 70 million.

at the beginning of this year, Discovery Expedition official micro channel business, taking the distribution agent model. Pathfinder micro business director Fang Liwei Discovery Expedition to billion state power network, at present a total of three agents, each agent can have different goods price. Any level of agent to sell a commodity, the superior, the superior agent can get a certain percentage of the proceeds.

(Figure: Discovery Expedition micro channel display)

Fang Liwei stressed that different brands and other micro proxy mode, Discovery Expedition in the micro channel completely from the brand side delivery, distribution staff do not need to stockpile. In order to prevent the emergence of channel confusion, Discovery Expedition will prohibit the third agents and then expand the next agent.

‘s Discovery Expedition as of now, micro distribution staff has reached 30 thousand people, of which about 10 thousand people is a pathfinder line channel clerk.

billion state power network learned Discovery Expedition micro business background system outsourcing to the micro business assistant App, the software from the original street network development team. The west street network itself is a small business in the industry distribution of well-known enterprises, specializing in the development of sports brand electricity supplier system.

on the market and a plurality of micro shop tools similar to the micro business assistant can also provide fast shop service, users can rely on mobile phone number registered, then the selection of goods in the shop, goods shelves, pool, editing, sharing to social circle to earn income. Billion state power network noted that Discovery Expedition chose slightly aggressive low-cost strategy in the micro channel business, agents can get the goods at a considerable price.

In addition to

through the micro business management assistant agent team, Discovery Expedition also tried to praise, quantity, etc. WeChat micro distribution channels, to supply the micro business platform to the supplier the role of individual users.

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