Behind the circle of friends of the luxury advertisement exactly have what way

luxury brands have always been careful to spend money and not sensitive to science and technology, they spend heavily invested in a circle of friends, figure what?

shortly before make up forever cosmetics brand made a push in the circle of friends: "you, what is an egg?" click "view details", a minute and a half of the animation video with a fast-paced music flash on mobile phone screen. The skin is not good, your face is ugly "eggs, boiled eggs, egg…… To solve, you can use certain makeup.

, of course, is a circle of friends advertising. Make up forever is a luxury group LVMH’s company, a few months ago, Dior also voted in a circle of friends perfume ads. Count count, Jaeger Le Coulter, Cartire, Longchamp…… If the generous advertising is the usual way of cosmetics, the luxury has always been cautious for why this would be so

have the courage?

to explain this, it may involve all aspects of luxury brand promotion. However, can be the first to say a concise and comprehensive small: you see? The release advertising protagonist in the circle of friends, is a luxury brand that can bear the burden of a single product.

cast ads on this matter, luxury brands want to control all the details

is only observed if the electronic commerce, you might think, don’t want to talk to the Internet for luxury goods. From the Amazon to the domestic Jingdong, as well as some vertical fashion electricity supplier, are struggling to pursue luxury goods. Celine creative director has repeatedly said "no net", said online Hermes Hermes CEO most are fake……

in China, luxury and even exclusion of web advertising. You can only be in the "Wall Street journal" Chinese network, FT network Chinese veteran foreign media Chinese website, see some luxury watches, jewelry, hotel advertising.

global media winter, luxury once valued iPad platform tends to stagnate, under an ideal environment in which to put


Marseille KEDGE Business School professor Michel pointed out that the ancient Zezi luxury, so careful of digital core because of "control", if not control the site environment, can not grasp every detail, they will be far away.

luxury is more traditional to digital has tangled, they feel that advertising is to the extreme importance of quality, how can a web Banner reflect our brand texture? "China Maxus digital marketing official said optical ke.

, in his view, with luxury beyond all expectations advertising circle of friends, first of all because the staff is WeChat heavy users, they can directly feel the power of the platform, and this is all previous channels of the most different places. In January this year, BMW and Coca-Cola’s advertising release, I received a lot of customer consulting, he

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