The network bank on line traffic loan to provide ten billion yuan of loans to support entrepreneuria

August 24th, commercial bank announced Chinese website traffic statistics agency CNZZ in cooperation with the world’s largest, entrepreneurial website for small and medium scale to launch a credit product flow of loans, to help small and medium-sized site to solve the financing difficulties of financing business process problems. The network bank will be based on the traffic statistics data on the CNZZ platform website, web site operators operating conditions, comprehensive consideration of the site of personal credit and other factors, with the single highest 1 million yuan of loans to the site, the overall amount of credit for 10 billion yuan. It is understood that the flow of loan products for the first time to the commercial bank and Alibaba platform outside the Small and micro businesses loans.

fastest 3 minutes to complete the flow realized

CNZZ is the most authoritative Internet Traffic Statistics website, there are currently 500 sites using CNZZ traffic statistics services, covering more than 90% of Internet users in china. CNZZ related parties, the use of CNZZ traffic statistics service website has many small-sized websites, they for the majority of Internet users to provide food, clothing, shelter, and play all aspects of the information service, but their own development has received little attention, it is difficult to get financing from financial institutions. The network bank launched traffic loan is to help the start-up phase of the small and medium-sized site to solve the problem of financing, to meet their funding needs in the process of development.

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, with a registered domain name, there are traffic statistics on the CNZZ platform, and a good credit record of individuals or companies can apply for the flow of credit. Applicants on the CNZZ website, you can see your site’s initial credit line, click "channel + tab to enter the page after the loan, the real name authentication account login Alipay launched the application can, no need to submit additional information on the other. The network bank will big data based on the wind control status, for applicants, the model of credit flow and operating conditions and other elements of audit, the approval process can be completed in 1 minutes fast. And through the audit, the fastest 3 minutes of money will enter the Alipay account applicants.

financial support for the first time out of Ali system

in addition, the flow of credit loan period is one year, each applicants on the loan amount in the range of 2000 yuan to 1 million yuan, the loan interest rate, 4.5 per 10000, applicants can choose 12 months equal monthly principal way, can at any time and without any fee prepayment or service fee. The network bank pointed out that the characteristics of the flow of credit products is not only for the loan approval all completed online, simple and convenient, the most important is the flow oriented loan including Ali system inside and outside all eligible entrepreneurial small websites, to support the object for the first time out of the Alibaba system in small and medium businesses.

this is in line with the policy and the trend of national public entrepreneurship, innovation ", to support small and medium sites make the entire Internet industry can flourish; with the ant gold suit" brought some small and beautiful vision, and "change"

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