Pay promotion keyword selection skills can not be ignored

      in the era of the traditional SEO, the choice of keywords means in the search engine ranking, but also reflects a website brand image — if a well-known company’s Web site in the search engine ranking is by the root of this cannot be even through the search engine to search in a certain extent. It will cause a certain impact on corporate image.

      but in accordance with the new rules decide how much to pay for search engine rankings, keyword selection means how much to pay, and is directly related to the final marketing effect, so at least we should pay enough attention in the following aspects: the general level, expectations of the rankings, the number of keywords, basic key words.

      keyword commonality:

      in the purchase of keyword advertising, is the choice of general or special vocabulary? Of course, the general vocabulary of the greater power, such as "office furniture" and "furniture" that better? Of course, is the "furniture", but the price of generic words to be relatively high, if you want to display a longer period of time, to calculate their marketing budget ah.

      expected rank:

      if you want in the keyword search results page ranking first, of course, than after a few more to pay a price, because the charge of keyword advertising products than is who pay more fees, there is no direct relationship between the professional level and website, but not necessarily the final ranking first we will have a good effect, if the site foundation work is not done, or the product itself is not popular, so no matter what cost to buy keywords, even gain access to a large amount of the same, not what meaning. Therefore, ranking first is not the most important, the key is

      keywords number:

      how many keywords should you buy? Study on the Internet marketing the new observation shows that the keywords have certain dispersity, unless it is a special professional industry and products, one of the words often failed to attract many hits, is the ideal choice, the main keywords, in order to investigate the performance of each keyword, can consider implementing "keyword rotation" in a certain period of time if desired, more in the short term visitors may also purchase a number of key words, which still depends on the marketing objectives and budget.

      key words:

      in the SEO period, the company name or brand name is usually essential "basic key words", and in charge of keyword advertising >

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