Xinhua today the Shanghai Stock Exchange listed trading price of 27 69 yuan

October 28th news, Xinhua today (28) listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, IPO issue price of $27.69, the total amount of funds raised over 1 billion 400 million yuan.

Xinhua today, the Shanghai Stock Exchange listed trading price of 27.69 yuan stock code 603888, the IPO number of shares 51 million 902 thousand and 936 shares, the issue price of 27.69 yuan / share, to raise funds for a total of 1 billion 437 million 192 thousand and 300 yuan, after deducting the cost of issue, the net proceeds of 1 billion 379 million 885 thousand and 700 yuan.


IPO, Xinhua equity structure: Xinhua news agency, a direct shareholding of 59.79%, China Unicom holdings of $1.45%, the Southern Newspaper holdings of $1.45%, China Telecom holdings of 0.73%.

The main use of

to raise funds for the all media information application service cloud platform project, mobile Internet integration, processing, distribution and operating systems business projects, government class intelligent analysis of large data system project, new media technology research and development center project and online education project.

Xinhua four major sources of profit for the online advertising business, information services, website construction and technical services business, mobile Internet business. Among them, the advertising business as the main source of income, 2012-2014, respectively, the contribution of Xinhua revenue 182 million, 290 million, 348 million.

2016 1-9 months, Xinhua net operating income of 794 million 946 thousand and 100 yuan, representing an increase of $540 million 555 thousand and 200 over the same period last year, 47.06%. Online advertising, information services, mobile Internet, such as the rapid growth of the main business income on the growth of Xinhua operating performance has played an important role in promoting.

in the first three quarters of 2016, operating profit grew by 8.58% to 158 million yuan, attributable to shareholders of net profit increased by 5.64% year-on-year, to $160 million, attributable to shareholders after deducting non recurring net profit increased by 7.63% year-on-year to 158 million yuan.

Xinhua is following the people’s network, and a listing of the national team media. April 20, 2016 Commission for the issuance of the trial committee held a trial will be reviewed IPO application, on the evening of September 23, 2016, Xinhua IPO application to get through. (Ma Xiaochao)

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