Daily topic Unfamiliar Street version of the 6 line is not about to dilute the heterosexual social

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) April 29th news, recently moved to the streets of social Unfamiliar Street on the 6 version, which is the biggest update since the release of unfamiliar street. Upgrade functions include message boards, chat room, users fill in their own occupation, home, school, living location, unfamiliar street will automatically recommend or match your friends, let friends become easier and more common topic.

unfamiliar street since its inception, has been a unique geographical location as a social dimension, so that it runs through the street from the beginning of the product, and has become a major feature of the product. As of the end of 2014, unfamiliar street monthly active users exceeded 69 million 300 thousand, every day users become friends through unfamiliar street.

in the 6 version of the latest on-line, the default interface in the vicinity of the people is hidden to the two menu, the user needs to fill out the identity label in 6 dimensions: occupation, home, school, place of living, work and interest. This corresponds to different potential social relationships: peers, fellow alumni, neighbors and the same office building, street street will according to the real-time state here and now users, recommended objects are most likely to talk to their.

Tang Yan explain the change: in the early, especially on product confidence; when the user scale to hundreds of millions of times, confidence will be more and more missing, so the final decision is not a small challenge.

, a social software analyst, said the unfamiliar street update, enhanced interest oriented, increased interest in the form of more interest, which is conducive to increasing the number of audience. And near the position of social function based on a new version of its previously weakened seriously, the original form is transformed into the form of the forum message board, this show will focus on unfamiliar street social transformation to the persistence of social acquaintances. "At present, unfamiliar street brand image affect its further development, this revision has given off sensitive definition and avoid regulatory policy." The analysts said.

one of the things that our company is doing, the Internet in the end what can make some changes in social." Tang Yan said at the press conference, "people’s social relations which is not there should be a certain proportion from the Internet, this is our company start to do from 1, and was now doing a task, but also want to overcome in the future is very long in the."

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