From the mirror storm to storm Feng Xin’s sports entertainment platform of the road can go far

Feng Xin declared: 2016 to 2025 will be the ten year of China’s Internet Entertainment gold storm has been ready to embrace the next year of preparation for the next ten years."


source: Vision China

was founded in January 2007, the Internet video service started storm group entered tenth years this year. Since March 24, 2015, becoming the first demolition of VIE architecture return to the domestic listed Internet companies, this year’s storm began operating subsidiaries.

in January this year, the storm mirror obtained B round of financing, financing amount of 230 million yuan, the valuation of the company amounted to 1 billion 430 million yuan; in August, storm TV A round of 200 million yuan to obtain financing, financing and valuation of 2 billion yuan; in September, storm sports to get A round of 204 million yuan financing, from inception to completion of the A round of financing for less than 100 day.

September 25th, storm group held ten anniversary celebrations in Beijing on the occasion, the group CEO Feng Xin accepted the interface news, reviews the past ten years of development, and for the next ten years is forecasted.

"when I started my business in 2005, I never thought that one day I would be able to sell the TV ten years later." Feng Xin said with emotion, in the mirror, has released the storm storm TV, storm storm show, sports, pictures and other business modules storm after storm group positioning today as "Internet entertainment platform", enterprise mission to "continue to create new entertainment experience".

According to Feng Xin

, for the next ten years the group will concentrate to "N421" company strategy: relying on four screens (PC, mobile phone, VR, TV), the content of regeneration platform two cores (pictures, sports), to DT this a core technology open platform and provide personalized service. The internet entertainment service for users. Which N represents the advertising, electricity providers, finance, hardware, O2O and games and other commercial forms and carriers.

Feng Xin said: "the face has opened the curtain of the 2025 internet entertainment gold for ten years, the storm will adhere to the strategy of N421, based on the storm, storm, storm, storm mirror TV sports four strategic platform, in the video, virtual reality, sports and the Internet TV platform four active layout, with DT as the core to enhance the efficiency of the service, optimize the user experience, to create a new, interesting and different Internet entertainment."

at present, the storm group has more than one business floor. As of June 2016, storm flow platform monthly active users exceeded 200 million, the peak duty reached 54 million; the storm mirror cumulative sales exceeded 2 million, monthly active users reached 1 million 475 thousand people, the fourth quarter of this year, the storm mirror will also release VR machine of new products.

in many business, the heady storm is just to get A round of financing.

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