False gangsters hacking more involved billions of government websites


Zhang Zhang drawing

core tip

is known as the "good faith cooperation, the credibility of the first", can obtain the qualification certificate by the internal relationship, certificate number in government website recently, by the Guangdong Jieyang personnel examination network was illegally added links, exposed together "deceptive" selling false.

selling false and network hacker Gang collusion, intrusion of government websites as high as 185, across 30 provinces, involving hundreds of billion, their interests chain is how to form? This blend of major false Internet "high tech" what is enlightenment?


is not difficult to sell high priced invasion", each of the false charges 4000 yuan to 10000 yuan

"as long as you need it, we can do it. Good faith cooperation, the credibility of the first." This is the ad selling false criminal gangs openly released.

"we can obtain a certificate of qualification through internal relations, the certificate number can be found on the government website." Since 2010, so they use the Internet for public sale of false certificate.

compared with the general selling false cases, the gang invasion of government websites, providing false online query authentication certificate." Jieyang City Public Security Bureau police captain Chen Xiaoping introduction, referral agent is mainly responsible for the solicitation of business, and the customer information on the line, and then on-line certificate issued to customers in Guangdong.

referrals agents in the solicitation of business, but also need to pay attention to the needs of customers in the scope of the invasion of government websites. If not, you need to inform the line; and so on the line to determine the customer needs corresponding to the site can be invaded, in order to receive orders.

one of the most important agents on the line, the 24 year old Luo Pangjie, responsible for coordinating agency business. At the same time, he is also a hacker organizer and contact. When the agency to attract business to meet the above trouble to conquer the new government website, it will contact hackers. Because, "if not invasion, false is difficult to sell a good price."

according to one line agent Wu Xiaozhong account, to complete the production of documents and delivered to the customer, the customer can log on the website of government certification, usually tell customers site certification, by the client to log in and enter information name, ID number, certificate number etc.. Sometimes, documents may be relevant marking online authentication government website address and process.


, the customer on the site to see the authentication information, or hacking site illegally added "unwarranted" database, or hackers on the government database information to others malicious tampering.

is only 18 years old hacker Xu Haibin is a technical backbone of the hands of Luo Pangjie". According to his account, according to the difficulty of invasion, the successful invasion of a government website, can get 300 yuan to $1200

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