Social Q & a platform Beepl officially launched

Beijing on January 17th news, according to foreign media reports, after 3 months of beta, social inquiry platform Beepl launched this Monday. The company hopes to find the right experts to answer questions raised by the user, in order to compete with Quora and similar Q & a companies. Beepl’s technology can match users with the questions they are most interested in and most qualified to answer.


Beepl interface

users can use their own Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account login Beepl, which will be linked to their social graph and Beepl. After the user logs in, Beepl scans their social media profile to create an interest map. The company uses semantic technology, Natural Language Processing and machine learning to build their own expert networks and submit them to them.

social question and answer platform Beepl concept is that users do not follow the theme, subject to follow the user." Beepl will also give the user ranking based on the user of the site’s contribution, it creates an algorithm to determine the user "Beepl score", it is helpful to understand what users provide valuable content to the web site.

Although the use of

users of the existing social graph is a good and fast way to determine what they are experts in the subject, but the link to the Twitter account also allows Beepl users to use # label to send to Beepl system. In addition to the answers appear on Beepl’s own website, Beepl will use all the answers given by the user Twitter followers.

Beepl is headquartered in London, also opened an office in Prague, its founder and chief executive officer Steve · () Hear (Steve O) was a technology blog TechCrunch reporter. In July last year, Beepl Ventures seed funds obtained from Credo, Credo partner Ondrej Bartos has therefore become a member of the board of Beepl.

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