The value of man in product and operation

in the product or operation of the work, often need to make decisions. For example, what kind of planning activities, do not do this function and what the main selling point, etc.. So, how are these big or small decisions made, is there any way?

how do we make decisions

from the way of thinking, divided into data-driven and methodological driven. Let’s talk about the scene, we will understand.

Scene 1:

small A is PM, and the RD meeting, the need to review the new function is reasonable. Small A is so tell her decision process:

from the data point of view, the module of the UV in the entire product accounted for the largest, nearly 40%. This can prove that the user is in the field of demand. So I hope to do the two phase of the module function optimization, the purpose is to increase the user step size and residence time, supplemented by a number of operational means, you can upgrade the next day retained, thereby enhancing the entire product DAU. The idea of this decision is a typical data-driven. Based on objective data, draw conclusions.

scene two:

small B is operating, someone asked him to talk about how to make a APP to do it, he said:

how to do it, I think the core indicator is APP DAU. DAU upgrade, can be disassembled for new activation and user retention of these two channels. Do a good job of the new activation is divided into the application of the market, online activities, such as the amount of cooperation in a few ways; do a good job and then divided into membership system, content planning, fine push, etc.. So, we look at these ways, you can choose which to do. The idea of this decision is a typical methodology driven. The use of methodology will be broken down, look at the specific implementation of the link.

these two ways of thinking is reliable, they are based on convincing, reasoning logic is very clear, in order to make decisions should be no problem.

the value of "man" is the most important

in the practical work, many employees do decision, as long as you can with any of these two ideas in a clear a truth, basically will be the team that is reasonable and convincing.

, however, there is a perception that there is a perception that decisions can be made only on the basis of data or methodology.

this point of view, the mistake of the "tools" as "formula". The tool is the auxiliary function, provides the basis for the human decision-making; but the formula can bring the reliable conclusion directly, so long as the formula is applicable, the person does not need to consider the rationality of the calculation process.

therefore, we can not think that through the data or methodology, we can draw the final conclusion directly, but ignore the value of "human" in it.

the real decision process is like this

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