The master report vainglory game APP user experience

Name: vanity Vainglory

version number: 1.23.1

phone: iPhone 6

version: iOS 9.3.5

network environment: WiFi


software: 3V3 multiplayer online games, produced by Super Evil Megacorp, the agent for the giant network game, touch operation, beautiful screen, single game is 25 minutes long, APPSore editor 15 years Apple game, the best design award winner.

a user analysis

What is the reason to play the

game player Mobile Games? A large part of the factors is because Mobile Games convenient, mobile phone in hand, heart and play. Compared to the end of the tour, hand travel games and the location of the game is more easily controlled by players, can be five minutes, but also more time.

1, target user

group of students, white-collar workers, freelancers, unemployed, with a large number of fragments of time for all types of people.

2, use scene

rest days, holidays, work and rest time after lunch, on the way to work, during the journey, summer vacation, before going to bed, after class, toilet and so on the scene. In the middle of the day, a large number of players choose to kill time before going to bed and on the road.

3, user distribution


Vainglory index in October 1st to October 22nd in Baidu’s search results, the cicada master ASO optimization team found that Vainglory users are more concentrated in Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangdong, the Internet is more developed regions, including Shanghai and Beijing two city accounted for the largest proportion of users, the two Vainglory visible region has invested more resources to promote operation.


4, user sex ratio and age distribution

Vainglory players aged 19 and below accounted for 10%, the proportion of the age of 20 to the age of 51%, the proportion of the age of 30 to the age of 39% accounted for more than 40 years of age accounted for more than 0 of the proportion of. From this we can see that the Vainglory player attributes to young people as the main force, the user as a secondary user distribution. Among them, the proportion of male players was 97%, female players was 3%. This is because the Vainglory as a team sports violent hand travel, more suitable for male players.


two, product home and functional architecture

Vainglory home page consists of three parts, respectively on the right side of the left navigation area, middle area, Ren > picture carousel

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