Once in New York brush plate to rent now he hit 50 billion hit a record of 2 trillion and 600 billio


met the chairman of Citibank in the elevator, he instinctively comity, but the chairman of the board that he advanced elevator. Shen Napeng overwhelmed by an unexpected favour. A week later, he realized that Citigroup was about to set up an office in Hongkong. "To help Chinese companies overseas listing, our value suddenly." Without hesitation, Shen Napeng went straight to Hongkong.

a big brother said, as long as you are still in the business, as long as you are still in this big industry inside, I believe that around to go around will encounter Sequoia, because Sequoia always there, and always in the forefront." He is Sequoia Capital global executive partner Shen Napeng, a legendary Chinese capital sector symbols.

1967, Shen Napeng was born in Zhejiang, Haining, 7 years old to follow their parents to go to Shanghai high school, entered the Shanghai II, and won the championship in 1982, the first national secondary school computer competition, obtain the exemption helicopter pilot class to Shanghai Jiaotong university.


Shen Napeng

and when all genius, 3 years after Shen Napeng hesitate to choose mathematics, because be like Chen Jingrun is a 18 year old mathematician Shen Napeng the biggest dream.

University for 4 years, Shen Napeng hard day and night Abel theorem, Green formula, and Fermat’s conjecture and the Goldbach conjecture, four color conjecture is very crazy, and finally learned of the number in the halls of the United States, he decided to go to the United States launched a final impact to the "Goldbach conjecture".

July 15, 1989, Shen Napeng with $300 in his pocket and moved to New York, he is 23 years old that year. Shen Napeng got off the plane, and excitedly ran to the Hudson River near the Columbia campus, but was told at the beginning of September before the opening, a full scholarship of $20 thousand a word out".

finally, Shen Napeng had to squeeze in a high school student in New York, Queens, where the students are not bad, introduced to the Chinese restaurant in the brush for a month on the plate, easy to use the money to earn money to rent the house, Shen Napeng.


, the big brother in the United States ranked the top 20, mathematics professional world ranking in the top 10, even to tremendous effort of Native American high school students to apply, but stay in the big brother Shen Napeng for a year, you can’t be here anymore. Is estimated to be there when Hu Shi read 10 years to get a doctor’s degree to scare, but it wasn’t long before he went to New Haven, Connecticut, to read MBA at yale.

a year later, Shen Napeng got the Yale MBA diploma, and then returned to New York, and prepared a 50 page resume, began to confidently look for work in Wall Street.

to the first company, people ask, "speculation stock?"". To second companies, they asked him, "have you ever opened a company?"". To the third company, "please give a brief analysis of today’s Wall Street journal headline."." Result >

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