Wedding Street founder readme the past belongs to death and the future belongs to us


billion euros wedding Street founder, hi mission network CEO Hu Huaqing summed up the understanding and perception of seven years of business on the road, there is no specific case, the original intention of writing this article is the hope for the early entrepreneurs to help: 1) 2) decided the outcome Losers are always in the wrong.; pattern; 3) find themselves, the world will be find you; 4) to pursue in order to form a powerful aura.

business, this very tempting and imaginative words we should not be unfamiliar; entrepreneurial success, the four words you will not be unfamiliar, compared to the "success" of the "failure" will have a different fate, the four words I think many people did not know that entrepreneurial success story is so familiar or, more familiar.

you don’t ask me why, you just go to the bookstore to see several, there must be "difficult" popular recommendation exhibition, there must be "from 0 to 1", a "micro business entrepreneurs Handbook" this kind of business, marketing, promotion of micro-blog on WeChat books, if not, it is certainly because of my "entrepreneurial legend" has not been published; or in the waiting room, waiting hall boring, let you put it down the mobile phone or Pad, go to the newsstand to see a large LCD screen there must be in the play of Ma’s speech, if not, it must be my speech is not recorded upload. If you are an entrepreneur, or your mind has been thinking of business starting, then you stand on a little moment, I think you will like the entry, Ma’s speech which you have similar experience or your experience in general.

our universal values is such a form: people admire your success when the flowers and applause, and then said the same words as sour grapes, and never sympathize with you at the time of failure and helpless tears.

Losers are always in the wrong. since ancient times.

you have to believe that when you are successful, you hear the most beautiful lies, but when you fail to hear the most is the evil truth. Why don’t we have done the nobleman or gentleman, is the classic

arch or turn the tide?

some time ago to read a paragraph, in which the truth, deep thought, then copied down, as follows:

an annual salary of millions of people with you and he said you can do a few decades to complete the accumulation of decades, you hesitated for a long time did not do. The reason is: you went to consult with one of your friends with a monthly salary of three thousand, he told you not fly, so you listen to the words of a friend.

this is your pattern!

Don’t ask

to ride a bicycle BMW is good, do not earn millions to ride electric vehicles for investment projects. This is not to belittle anyone, refer to this reality less? Want to know a certain industry only two ways, either you go to try, or you go to ask the industry to succeed, remember don’t ask failure and irrelevant person.


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