Ali Juhuasuan executives dismissed heavy corruption


group recently announced a group of 22 senior management cadres rotation, and announced restrictions on recruitment, annual net increase of only 200 people. The reporter understands, since this is Ali founded one of the largest rotation.

Prior to this, Yan Limin, general manager of’s website to buy Juhuasuan was removed from office last Wednesday, in addition, Alibaba also expelled more than employees. There are indications that Ali’s internal action recently".

Juhuasuan general manager was dismissed

March 6th, the Alibaba group announced the dismissal of Yan Limin (nickname Hui empty) Juhuasuan general manager, appointed Zhang Yu the former vice president of Alibaba group strategy (nickname Yuyan) served as the general manager of Juhuasuan. It is reported that since October 2011, Yan Li Min was officially appointed as the general manager of Juhuasuan, only half a year long working time.

It is reported that

, Yan Li Min was dismissed due to dereliction of duty management. Alibaba group said that since the middle of 2011, Juhuasuan in the investment process is not standardized, even a small two seek improper benefits reports appeared on the series. After a joint investigation of the Department, the compliance department and other departments, has found that some facts, part two serious violations, or even violate the law. In the course of the investigation found that there are a lot of loopholes in the system of Juhuasuan norms and team management. As the person in charge of Juhuasuan, Yan Limin has an important management responsibility, must be responsible for this.

since then, Alibaba also announced the expulsion of three Juhuasuan employees. Ali internal mail display, the original Ali staff Kim, a high and employees including Juhuasuan employees Shumou, (micro-blog) staff named Ma, Ali cloud engineer ran a five together funded the creation of Hangzhou love marriage marriage Software Co. Ltd., and love marriage is Juhuasuan operators, but the three were not working declaration to the company.

According to

Alibaba announced in 2012 Juhuasuan user specification, Juhuasuan is a member of the staff of Taobao or its affiliates, and the Taobao staff are not based on the provisions of the "Alibaba" of group business conduct declare is a serious violation. The Alibaba announced the Ministry dismissed more than three employees, and permanently close the Hangzhou love marriage marriage Software Co. Ltd. in Tmall (micro-blog) and Taobao shop, provided all of its subsidiary Alibaba and it no longer any cooperation.

a big game of chess: 22 middle-level cadres rotation

after a series of vigorous and resolute action, Ali also announced on March 9th, to strengthen the group’s various business cooperation, organization open and the flow of talent, will work for the group of 22 senior management cadres organization department.

it is reported that 22 people work in the list, including the group’s senior vice president Zhang Yu by the strategic investment group transferred to the group’s strategic information security staff, Taobao senior director of Ni Liang transferred to the group’s network security department, Taobao business division to Tmall’s service department senior director Wang Wenbin, to Ali >

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