Hundred percent involved in case of network marketing mall rebate network profit model controversy

days ago, Fuzhou 100 mall using the "rebate" concept of illegal pyramid selling suck money after exposure, the rebate network in its official said in a statement that the illegal behavior of Fuzhou hundred mall, not only hurt the unsuspecting innocent consumers, but also have a serious negative impact on the third party shopping guide industry rebates. 100 mall is engaged in illegal pyramid selling, nature and mode of operation with the rebate network is completely different.

in addition, a number of site responsible person to accept the daily economic news reporter also said that the third party shopping guide platform and pyramid schemes have the essential difference, and after the relevant authority certification.

however, the reporter interviewed by the actual experience and learned that these sites dominated shopping rebates, this seems to let the new business model of win-win businesses and consumers is still facing risks and questioned the rebate period, amount of inconsistent, withdrawal restrictions and other issues, such as network or station weakness.

threshold threshold

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rebate network found that user account balance for the first time to reach 10 yuan can extract 5 yuan, but not the first time the user will need to extract the integer times accumulated to 50 yuan or 50 yuan, many users in order to cash, will Everfount this website as the entrance to shopping.

this rebate network public relations official Zhang Can explained in an interview with reporters, said, "we now have tens of millions of registered members, every day to return now there are millions of accounts, is set to 50 yuan to mention now, mainly taking into account the convenience of financial payment."

another 51 net purchase rebate website official told reporters, "we cancel the restrictions now, the user can withdraw cash at any time." The reporter saw on its website, cashback account as long as 20 yuan can apply to cash, 51 more than the net purchase of staff will be within 3 working days to return now into the members of alipay.

in addition, some of the rebate website also set up a "invite rebate" operation mechanism. The reporter saw in the rebate network, its claim to "invite friends 30 yuan rebate activities, 30 yuan is not a one-time into account and invite people, but linked to the consumption of the person to be invited, in batches of conditions into account the invitation, if you want to succeed in all 30 yuan reward, he needs to invite people to buy at least 1400 yuan of goods through the rebate network.

industry insiders believe that the rebate site is to seize the user’s psychological, so will set the threshold to allow consumers to consume. The core feature of MLM is to pull the head, charge entry fees. There are many varieties of network marketing, for example, in the name of the sale of goods, but the mode of operation to induce participants to develop offline rather than actual consumption.

in this regard, a rebate website official argued that "we are inviting friends shopping rewards, but the application of this recommendation incentive mechanism in the Internet is very extensive, this is not mlm."

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