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1 black clouds exposure wonderful Jingdong vulnerability: random access to other accounts

June 5th news today, the well-known Internet loophole reporting platform cloud exposure over the Jingdong vulnerability, the vulnerability of the stochastic into account the vulnerability of others.

The main reason for the

cloud description vulnerability is the design flaw / logic error. Beijing time on May 22nd, Jingdong listed in the United States, as of June 5th closing market capitalization of 33 billion 548 million.

as of press time, Jingdong has not yet patched the vulnerability. (end)

2 note: Baidu webmaster platform was black reminder & cheating reminder feature officially opened today  

A5 station network 6.5 news: according to Baidu Webmaster Platform official news remind smitten by black remind & cheat reminder, and Baidu account to avoid the formation of interference to the webmaster, single website for only a month to remind one, through the audit and rectification will no longer receive a reminder. I hope to find the webmaster daily log mail or Baidu Webmaster Platform, always concerned about the mobile phone sms.

Baidu official website platform content is as follows:

from today, Baidu webmaster platform using web search anti cheating team daily output data, through the site news, e-mail and text messages to remind the relevant webmaster. If you receive a reminder that the site has been a hacker intrusion and add a lot of garbage, hurt the user search experience, please timely repair vulnerabilities, avoid reducing website in Baidu search engine evaluation, to avoid the loss of flow.

3: Microsoft wheatgrass was sealed follow or alliances with other Internet giants counterattack Tencent

Children’s Day, worked in WeChat in the lively "moment in the intelligent robot wheatgrass blocked by Tencent. A war between Microsoft and Tencent officially kicked off. The former is the overlord of the PC era, which is the king of China Mobile internet.

Prior to

, similar to the war, the Tencent has experienced countless times, ten years ago from the "Coral", three years before 3Q war, the Tencent has always been "fight to the end". When the battle of Netscape, established the dominance of Microsoft after a long time without the need to participate in the fight.

this time, Microsoft decided to go back to the battlefield, use all power, against the Tencent. The feedback from Tencent yesterday, Tencent refused to compromise.

is a king of war triggered at any moment.

4 WeChat electric noun solution of 11 micro Zibei innocently tell  


gave birth to their "micro" Zibei products, both WeChat official control, there are third party developers trader. But perhaps the richness of the Chinese language is not enough, WeChat electricity suppliers are more and more similar nouns, and even hit the name

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