YAHOO has no way back down the purchase price of Microsoft may take the opportunity to

March 16th news, Microsoft refused to marry him, YAHOO has come to a critical juncture.

according to foreign media reports, although the decision deadline for shareholders to nominate candidates for the board, to avoid "save YAHOO to Microsoft hukou" "White Knight" has not appeared. With the end of the first quarter, YAHOO is in a delicate position: unsatisfactory results will support Microsoft’s argument that its $31 per share is fair and reasonable.

To make matters worse,

‘s weak performance will make Microsoft cut its bid, causing greater shareholder dissatisfaction.

The research firm

Bernstein (Bernstein Research) analyst Geoffrey said, unless YAHOO management can come up with alternatives, or to be able to publish satisfactory performance – at present the possibility of the two seem unlikely, this strategy will face Microsoft lowered its purchase price risk. But he said YAHOO’s quarterly results are expected to be "quite trivial."".

FactSet Research survey, analysts are expected in the current quarter YAHOO earnings per share of 12 cents, sales revenue of $1 billion 320 million. YAHOO announced a profit decline in 1 at the end of karma. Endpoint Technologies Associates analyst Roger said that if YAHOO’s performance can not meet the expectations of analysts, it will be in a more unfavorable position. Steve, an analyst at Sierra Tech Research, said that given the current economic situation, it would be difficult for YAHOO to meet analysts’ expectations. He said, I think YAHOO will work hard, but its efforts may not get the desired results.


is currently not in adversity. If its performance is poor, shareholders will begin to worry that Microsoft will lower the purchase price. Geoffrey pointed out that even if the sales income can reach top analysts expected – $1 billion 380 million, according to his model, YAHOO’s share price is only $25, far less than Microsoft’s $31 per share purchase price. Microsoft’s share price has fallen to $29.11 a share in the past few weeks, as the price of Microsoft’s stock, including cash and cash, has fallen over the past few weeks, he said.

Although the

according to the traditional view of Microsoft should be a price increase to appeal to YAHOO shareholders and management level, but considering that YAHOO has no other way out, we believe that Microsoft will stick to their price, and will not raise prices.


management attitude, adhere to the original conditions of the possibility of the acquisition of great – according to the current stock price, the purchase price of Microsoft for $29.32 per share.

Mendelsohn, a professor at Stanford University’s

School of business, said he believes Microsoft will take a tough negotiating strategy and not completely shut the door to higher prices. Mendelsohn said, for Microsoft, adhere to the original price is a reasonable policy >

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