Snapchat in Facebook such as a public product in the competition is how to survive the cracks

sometimes, there is a giant in front of you, the "crack" may become "vitality".


Snapchat has been in the face of the attack Facebook products, but the strong survive, we believe that its core is the product of Facebook gene and on the contrary, return to human nature, emphasizing the social pressure. From an idea to IPO, Silicon Valley for the success of your checking agent Snap.

Anti-Facebook is based on the

The birth of

Snapchat, there is anti Facebook brand.

from a strategic point of view, the characteristics of the anti Facebook Facebook can not really copy Snapchat, even if the copy is to copy a fur. Facebook’s biggest advantage is to have a large number of users, with a real social relationship chain, but these advantages are powerless to fight back in front of Snapchat attacks.

in the form of products, Facebook and other social media "record", Snapchat act in a diametrically opposite way, do burn after reading". Snapchat thinks you can destroy all the information except the ones that really matter. Not only is the picture can burn after reading, Snapchat’s circle of friends, "Story" is also a period of time will be automatically destroyed.


lets you shock, Snapchat text chat messages and burn after reading, a message, your friend later disappeared… .

from a certain angle it is anti human, we all see not historical records, but this may be the real world to imitate the natural environment: two people talking nothing next to help you record.

Snapchat anti Facebook brand, but also a profound grasp of the user groups. Facebook the authenticity and record all the characteristics of the product, "Facebook plus the existence of a large number of real world relatives, teachers, friends, so that a large number of users especially young people bear the enormous social pressure, we all need to be careful to maintain their own Timeline, carefully selected pictures or share content, allowing users to bear the weight.

and Snapchat on the social pressure is very small, most of the content will be destroyed, can be a very good performance and vent pressure, this also explains why teenagers from Facebook into Snapchat’s arms (also get rid of the parents "claws"), anti Facebook positioning is a deep understanding of user groups. To find their own "product fit".


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