was super boy cheat the painful experience

I was super boy cheat the painful experience

5 at the beginning of the month, the chance to enter the money along the forum, found that there is a research on how to do the GGAD forum, a closer look, turned out to be taught how to cheat. So out of curiosity, he just did GGAD, holding the attitude to try to apply for the guests of the forum members, and step by step on the ranks of the cheated. Mixed in the period of time, but also joined their QQ group. The creator is a forum called super boy, he in the forum and very self, to give people a very powerful, very professional feeling, he gave us a lecture in the QQ group, the specific things to do with a GGAD induction method, and this method is able to increase your income, at least now you can increase a lot, and he said this method is also able to escape arranged in good order, the theory of GG review. We look at the account every day to increase the income is also very happy, but also for him is a kind of worship psychology. These methods are provided free of charge, but this free brewing behind a plot, finally one day, he made a post, is called a GG investment plan of the post, you are to give him the money, he will help you make an account, his years of experience that you to receive a check for GG, if K, will then do to you, do you receive money now. (now think this argument though is guaranteed, but it contains an infinite loop scheme, Those closely involved cannot see clearly. ah)

is attached to the original post that he, we look at:
GG investment plan, the dollar exchange!

A, investment   150 RMB  ~ $105       ($105 into RMB is about 800 yuan)

B, investment   250 RMB  —–  $150       ($150 into RMB is about 1100 yuan)

mentioned a total of two partners, interested friends can try.

1, the number of cooperation limit of 50 people (the sooner the cooperation, the sooner the check)

2, through the recommended connection to apply for GG account to do more than $  10-20 (that is, I do offline)

3, a domain name space, put on the optimized high English cooperation program to program, you can.

4, there is a clear intention to invest, there is a risk of investment, but this risk to you down to zero.

5, cooperation commitment,%95>

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