Daily topic Microsoft’s acquisition of NOKA’s mobile phone business will rewrite the mobile world

station network (www.admin5.com) September 3rd news, today, Microsoft CEO Steve · Ballmer and NOKIA president and CEO Stephen · elop jointly published an open letter, Microsoft announced the acquisition of NOKIA’s mobile phone business, the transaction amount involved may reach $7 billion 170 million. After the completion of the acquisition, including senior executives, including about 32 thousand NOKIA employees will join Microsoft.

Microsoft’s acquisition of NOKIA’s mobile phone business is not suddenly. Prior to this, there are many rumors related rumors. In June this year, the news from the Wall Street Journal said that Microsoft’s acquisition of NOKIA related business negotiations have been broken. At that time, the report said that the negotiations between the two companies have made significant progress, only one step away from the contract, but ultimately because of the price and the market position of NOKIA failed to fail.

in recent years, as a business is not complex business, NOKIA has repeatedly adjusted the company’s organizational structure. 07 years, NOKIA announced the organization will be re divided into three sectors: equipment, services and software, the market. Replace the original mobile phone, enterprise solutions, multimedia. The adjustment was interpreted as NOKIA in response to changes in the mobile phone market, open up a new business space change. And it is this adjustment for the transformation of NOKIA to do services and solutions to lay a foundation. In the new organization chart of the official announcement of the NOKIA, NOKIA’s business sector has been simplified for smart devices, mobile phone, Here (function) map of the three team, and a wholly owned subsidiary of nokia. For the sale of the mobile phone business to do a good job on the organizational structure of the peel ready. The Microsoft acquisition of NOKIA mobile phone business, NOKIA will retain only a HERE map and a wholly owned subsidiary of Nokia, a comprehensive transformation of the service and solution provider.

this, America blog reporter, is also well-known technology blogger Robert Sikebu (Robert Scoble) days ago in their own website on the deal gives his own comments. Specific content is as follows: through the acquisition of NOKIA’s mobile phone business and patent portfolio, Microsoft successfully fill some of the key elements of their current lack. At present, Microsoft than ever more need in the mobile market to become more competitive, the company is currently in the U.S. market share of the mobile market is less than 4%, which is also the CEO Steve – Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) "the main reason for forced to step down, the company invested heavily in the acquisition of NOKIA equipment and services.

for the full shift to Windows Phone platform NOKIA mobile phone business, Microsoft is undoubtedly the best disk access. Zhang Lei senior media people explained the reasons for Microsoft’s acquisition of NOKIA’s mobile phone business, is a sleeping giant, are facing their respective strengths can effectively complement An important juncture of life and death. Nokia CEO Stephen · elop from Microsoft.

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