Wei Wuhui the era of big data structure and resistance

many people know that the development of the digital world and hackers are very relevant. For example, Microsoft’s Bill Gates has been a hacker, the latest iconic figure Facebook’s Zuckerberg has done this thing. Facebook’s early version of Facemash.com secretly access to the Harvard University student database, access to student ID. Zuckerberg let the students vote according to these photos beauty contest, is very lively for a while.

this week, several students from Huazhong University of Science and Technology thoroughly imitate Zuckerberg back: they set up a website called hust-facemash.com, is also in a sneaky way invasion of school HUB (Huazhong University of Science and Technology public information service platform), a bunch of girls photos on the Internet to beauty". With the same year, the public opinion caused by the facemash attack, the central branch of the facemash also attracted a lot of concern and criticism.

is the core issue of privacy". The worry is that there are not only photos, but also other kinds of information, such as telephone addresses, in the student file. Today the facemash just released photos, but other information in these young people invades the system must be. This is not to worry about it, and these students claim that they do this thing is just to remind the school: Hey, your network security system is weak burst!

is not a reliable motive, because no one knows what they are holding to remind this stuff Daoteng when, or spoof play on a play, or want to be Chinese Zuckerberg? But the result is obvious, not only privacy has been violated, and their own photos on their own never say the case by others and the other girls together today, is not always a pleasant thing.

if the consequences of the two Chinese and foreign facemash is not too serious, then, a few other user databases are invaded is very serious. South Korea’s largest social networking site Cyworld was invaded, South Korea has become one of the reasons for the cancellation of the real name system. LinkedIn, the largest professional social networking site in the United States, was hacked and 6 million user passwords were posted on a forum. China also has a similar event, allegedly spread to millions of users of the giant. Recent Dangdang, shop No. 1 and other electricity providers have burst the balance of the user account is illegal misappropriation of news. We put a lot of things on the Internet, and the safety of these things, it seems to be worth worrying about.

this is no longer so simple. The rapid development of the digital economy, the efficiency of a lot of things are improving, but will also bring some negative. And many of these negative, in my opinion, the biggest thing is, in fact, the system is very fragile.

we have to admit that, relying on the network, the distance between each person becomes closer, we become more and more as a whole. But the emphasis is on

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