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A5 webmaster network daily broadcast: for Apple Corp’s dynamic believe that a lot of friends have been concerned about today’s news that Apple Corp held a new conference on 22. There is now what birds have, there is news that the IT male group paid hacking delete posts, these things are similar, you may have heard the news, but the list of online Jiudiankaifang malignant spread guest information exposed these have appeared really shameful in some online content etc. the details, let us read the following:

1 apple to determine the new conference held on the 22  

after the release of the iPhone 5s/5c, apple in the year remaining suspense only has not yet been updated iPad product line. The day before, apple officially issued invitations, announced on the San Francisco local time at 10:00 on the morning of October 22nd in the well-known Yerba Buena Center held a new conference, and the protagonist of this conference is likely before the long rumored iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2.

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2 Hotel open room list online vicious spread

Open house records

"Home Inns, Hanting hotel is a large number of third party storage and vulnerabilities and leak the news before the date and the latest progress, Beijing Daily reporter learned yesterday, a leaked list of network transmission has been circulating in the network. After the incident, although some of the Econo Hotel has been stated, but consumers in the hotel how to truly protect the consumer records, has become the biggest doubt in the minds of consumers.

yesterday, there is news that the outflow of a large number of hotel guest room open list for users to download. This is a list of true or false download, as of press time, called "the compressed file of a hotel 2000W data" has been downloaded more than 7000 times the number of up to 20 thousand passengers, browse. According to industry analysis, the online spread of the hotel guest list download information is stored in the form of a large database, with the previous system leaks out of the data format and data volume are not the same. If the list of information is really true, then the customer information has indeed been a massive leak.

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3 IT male group paid hacking delete

, a well-known forum found a large number of administrator account stolen, followed by some of the forum in the complaint was inexplicably deleted. After receiving the report, Nanjing Xuanwu police found, the original event is behind a "paid delete posts" Gang. They first use the hacker technology to steal the forum administrator account, and then delete the posts according to customer requirements, delete the highest price of 800 yuan. Just 7 months time, they will accumulate more than 28 yuan. Yesterday, the three suspects on suspicion of illegal business

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