The main contents of registered company expert sland clear

life is a challenge everywhere, do you want to be in the wave of entrepreneurship in the exhibition is to go ahead, or by virtue of their own strength to break through the difficulties, in many people is a crucial choice.

whether it is a start-up or venture, but always around the company registered this threshold. So today, we talk about the company registration need to pay attention to small.

a. Entrepreneurship project

entrepreneurial success is the first step in the selection of entrepreneurial projects, so the first step is to choose the entrepreneurial projects and business scope.

two. Company name

is the first to read catchy, easy to remember, can take a few, so as not to duplicate registration can be changed in time. Please note: the company’s name is very important, once taken, do not easily change. If the company name is changed, it may involve the change of the registered trademark, domain name, copyright and so on.

three. Registered capital

company is self-employed and do not need to specify the registered capital, the minimum registered capital of a limited company is 100 thousand yuan, the minimum registered capital of a limited company, no special requirements is 30 thousand yuan, different industry qualification requirements of the registered capital requirements are not the same.

four. Registered address

There are a lot of requirements for the registration of

companies, especially in the mainland market, the company named for the region, the scope of products or services, such as strict requirements. What is the name of the company registered in the name of the company must be registered prior to the understanding of the basic knowledge.

five. Legal representative

company needs to set up a legal representative, the legal representative may be one of the shareholders, may also hire. The legal representative of the company shall provide the original and photo.

company registration is not open around a crisis, entrepreneurs often because of the lack of knowledge in this area and encounter various problems.

Shanghai expert

Island Company ( one-stop O2O platform is a focus for the tens of millions of entrepreneurs, investors and government Park service. The company registered 4.8 yuan, no hidden fees, any bundled consumption, to ensure that every entrepreneur hand is a copy of business license (three in one), the official seal, financial and legal chapter, even engraved chapter is included in the cost of 4.8 yuan.

expert services for entrepreneurs to create island O2O one-stop business platform, so that users can real-time monitoring and query, to avoid the traditional two-way charging intermediary, to handle the whole process of enterprise registration norms, transparent, high quality and low price, for the majority of entrepreneurs do reduce the burden of pressure, can take more time to focus in the business.


island can be more easily.

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