How to open shop online shop how to open the steps Taobao shop

how to open an online shop in Taobao? Open shop detailed steps?

a lot of friends want to open a shop,

but did not have any experience, do not know how to do that? Are you still hesitating outside, I understand your feelings now, just as I like, what all don’t understand, but not to obstruct the germination in the hearts of his entrepreneurial dreams, but in this world, as long as you are willing to spend effort, work as to the nature, as long as you work hard, the way is under your feet, there is a saying: weizhizheshijingcheng to the end of Bai Qin Guan Chu, the diligent person day does not lose three thousand more hardships can swallow miss


speaking of the open shop! I was also feeling the stones, do not know the truck, any one thing you have to do, you always stood at the door, when you go to consider knocking on the door, I think, the way on foot! Again, to open shop, I think the most important thing is to find a good home, because he taught you open your shop, otherwise you are looking for who can help you


I will explain the specific steps in the future shop:

1 in register your account first, we first enter the page, open the website, "free", you can choose the mobile phone number registered or registered mail, we generally choose "mail registration", fill out all information, click on the "consent agreement and submit the registration information, if nothing else website registered successfully (Figure 1)

first step: open Taobao, click free registration


second step: enter the registration page, fill in the basic registration information.

third step: account activation, account activation can be used in two ways:

1, cell phone verification (binding phone as a contact)

2, email verification (binding e-mail as a contact)

phone verification (binding phone as a contact)

fill in the phone number, must not be registered to use the phone number. Enter the page, before submitting the registration information that has been successful, then you already have a Taobao account is not activated, activate the need to check code input received by the mobile phone, if you accidentally put off the page, do not worry, enter the login page to enter the account name and password, click "login" and the page there will be.

enter the phone received the check code, verify

After the success of the

verification, Taobao account is registered successfully.

if you fill out the registration information, without the use of the mobile phone to create a Alipay account, can enter "my Taobao" home bound Alipay account.

2 landing Taobao website real name authentication, enter the Alipay application for real name authentication, need to fill out some personal letters.

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