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1 "excellent art cool" with the plot reversal: return Youku embarrassment or prostitute Ali  

recently, Youku acquisition of Iqiyi rumors once again usher in the plot reversal. The real truth is not a rumor of Youku and Iqiyi merger, but Youku will sell Ali or other gold master. Informed sources: the so-called merger rumors of Iqiyi, Youku only in order to increase the bargaining power, pretentious.

actually, Youku potatoes since the merger will face a shortage of funds, into a conservative, content layout problem of lack of innovation, the stock market has long been more American capital market undervalued stocks long hovering around $20, and the domestic competition is gradually recover even beyond the competitors. But in the domestic market, as the storm heady, several times in the market value of youku. Why Youku can not through privatization, landing the domestic stock market? Obviously, Youku as a U.S. listed company split back home, take a long time to do so, once will face a rather embarrassing situation.

2 to the China Internet Conference 10 years ago: Ding Lei, Zhang Zhaoyang, Wang Yan, delete  

July 21st is the first day of the China Internet Conference in 2015. Roughly looked at yesterday’s WeChat circle of friends, found that only the old club, Lenovo cloud (or agent Lenovo cloud lanbiao friends released), Huayun data and CNET friends made a scene photos. Of course, there are Baidu cloud security students in the media scene called the students to drink afternoon tea.

is at the scene of the friend said on the Internet Conference forum to listen to the cloud Taiwan Memorial manuscript too tired. My heart: be contented. I remember in 2011 to participate in a network security conference, invited the old academician cloud made the pages of a noun encyclopedia is full of Chinese characters of PPT, and then read the word for word and sentence for sentence. In the following I listen, but take a mobile phone to open encyclopedia check whether there is any leakage word segmentation silently.

3 CNNIC report summary: Internet users reached 668 million   scale;


China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) today released the thirty-sixth China Internet development statistics report.

below is a summary of the report:

one, the basic data

— as of June 2015, Chinese users reached 668 million, a total of six new users of 18 million 940 thousand people. Internet penetration rate of 48.8%, compared with the end of 2014 increased by 0.9 percentage points.

— as of June 2015, Chinese mobile phone users reached 594 million, an increase of 36 million 790 thousand compared to the end of 2014. Internet users in the use of mobile Internet users accounted for 2014 from the end of 85.8% to enhance the level of up to 88.9%.

Since the media how to operate a

4 > playfully

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