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website marketing we have been familiar with can not be familiar with, if I ask you what your site in marketing? You may have 3 seconds did not respond, why?. Enterprise product stand is to sell the product well, the type of service website is to provide services. This answer is not wrong, but as a good website, not only to sell the site’s own products or ancillary products, but should be a higher level of intangible products.

remember someone said that the world’s most cattle business website Amazon has not buy the product, he has risen to a higher level, to provide users with purchase suggestions, help users to buy products. Unlike domestic electricity supplier website still in the advertising recommendation phase, although the product user is no way a superb collection of beautiful things, better and faster to choose suitable products. People do not say how to do the site, at least from the sales concept has been able to. For example, Apple’s mobile phone is selling it? If it is really a mobile phone, it should be more suitable for adults to use. However, the reality is that a lot of children can also be used smoothly. This is a question of what? Any sales are not in the sales of the product itself, but the product itself to the user experience, or whether to let the user feel happy, or let the user get the answer.

the following is some of the author’s opinion, for reference only.

website is happy

site for the Internet, is also a product, it also has its own products and services. If the site has a product or service, it is cold to directly display the content to the user will be able to get it?. Can not sell, depending on the user’s feelings, he was happy, the problem solved, perhaps the sale of the realization of the. Baidu’s classic title, "Baidu, you know," why is it popular because it is the search engine and search related information, the information from the matching site. But Baidu did not say that you want to search information to Baidu it, can search the information of the site more than a Baidu, why Baidu. In fact, the user came to Baidu, to find the answer to the question, very happy, the problem solved. This is the essence of the real marketing website.

for this, everyone on the Internet should have different feelings. Why come to a web site will be happy, why would be happy, because everyone needs different. For example, a mother came to a diaper website, intended to give the family the mobility of the elderly to buy, but her website also saw a lot of baby care knowledge, just have this confusion. Through the site she first learned a lot of nursing knowledge, to help themselves, feel happy harvest. Although it is to buy things for the elderly, but because of the hearts of the solution is very happy, after the insurance will not be allowed to buy the child, may also be recommended to the people around. For such a user >

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