Apple co founder Cloud Computing in the future there will be a terrible problem


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (· Tencent technology plan)

Tencent Francisco (Wanxue) in Beijing on August 6th news, according to foreign media reports, apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) predicted that in the next few years, cloud computing services will be a "terrible problem".

in Mike – Daisy (Mike Daisey performer) soliloquy "Jobs dabeitaixi" (The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs), a 61 year old Wozniak is one of the main characters. In after the show aired, Wozniak and Daisy and several spectators chat, talked about his experience as a teacher in the school and in the TV series "dancing with the stars" (Dancing with the Stars) in the face of experience.


, Wozniak also has an important status: today’s personal computer predecessor Apple behind II engineer. For the current trend of transformation from the hard disk Xiang Yun computing services, he bluntly commented. "I’m really worried that people put everything in the cloud." "It’s dangerous," he said. In the next five years, cloud computing services may have some terrible problems arise." He added, "you don’t have anything in cloud computing. You have agreed to accept the terms of service provided by the cloud service provider."

"I wish I had these things." Wozniak said, "a lot of people feel good about themselves, ‘everything is on my computer." However, I would say that the more we upload to the Internet, the more we upload to the cloud, the less we have control over these things."

in February 2011, when Wozniak saw Daisy debut soliloquy "Jobs dabeitaixi" when he moved to tears. But a year later, Daisy apple iPhone and iPad in the assembly by the Foxconn factory in monologue working environment, criticized. The life of the American radio show "America" (This American Life) was part of "Jobs" the dabeitaixi produced a special program, now it had to withdraw a statement of this program. At the same time, Daisy revised his script, although he did not change his overbearing style.

"all the things that I have come from my mind, not books." Wozniak recalls. After 12 years at Apple, he resigned from apple in 1987 and began teaching as a teacher, on the road, and as a charity.

when someone mentions the daisy Wozniak Foxconn work environment, Wozniak said he expected with the >

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