New owners 1 months to sell links to earn a share of the experience of the month of 5000


in 2011, which make me sad, let me excited, for me is a not destined to be a year to forget, is sad, the college entrance exam, I let the years I have been completely cast to the wind, out of the campus, can not continue my university dream. How much is lost and depressed. And what things have to have lost, in the summer time, I use the webmaster forum to learn the knowledge, through the sale of Web site links let me easily into the life of another track: make a living. It makes me excited for a long time.

in reading time, the use of spare time to learn some simple web page production and ranking optimization knowledge, know in China, such as the Internet market, grassroots webmaster occupy about 95%. In such a market environment, basically can have the words of the ancients said to describe the Internet business, put a stall can make money. This is what I need at this stage, I urgently need to make a lot of money from the Internet, see before selling links businessmen are always insist on selling Links still have a large market, so I am determined to take on 20 stations to sell links.


on a large scale in June 28th after the update algorithm, website optimization process Links exchange and trading more stress. Links site PR is no longer depending on the supreme important, this is just the optimization on Baidu of course, if you do Google optimization, PR is very important, there is Links website IP is the best physical position as far as possible, and if it is many websites with a IP or do Links the words and the adjacent IP sites, Baidu may be identified as the station group, it does not transfer the weight, that is to say the weight of your Links ignored, will has many implications and right down. After the Baidu algorithm these preliminary understanding, I have a preliminary idea of selling links, that is to do the station can not be too much, about 20 is appropriate, IP is not all the same, because I am a novice webmaster, do not have much money to those who can look out of thousands of dollars to buy the same the server and the VPS website webmaster, I only can follow, the minimum investment, but also to a different IP, I thought of selling the VPS. price is not high, the 20G KT room VPS in about 200 yuan, plus a IP in 15 yuan. If I do 20 stations, 2 stations in a IP, then the need for 10 IP address. VPS and IP investment is 350 yuan.

has all the ideas straightened out, then I live ammunition dry, start-up capital to about 1350 yuan. Because GD domain name is nearly 50 yuan a, VPS350 yuan. Because I was a graduate student, there is no economic capacity, to obtain a 1350 yuan from where, I can’t find a home to go to, because my family is not rich, I can’t go for one home with so much money to do, if I say.

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