Baidu APP open platform will end the test recently or officially opened


Baidu APP open platform is nearing the end of the test period. (figure for Baidu applications with TechWeb


April 6th news, Baidu APP open platform is nearing the end of the test period. It is reported that the specific news will be announced in the upcoming 2011 Baidu union summit.

industry insiders said that if the rumors are true, Baidu access threshold is bound to significantly reduce the use of open platform, developers will get more room for growth and value gains.

Baidu application open platform was officially launched at the September 2010 Baidu World Congress, more Internet quality application resources directly in the search box. It is understood that after the official launch of the Baidu application platform, has been in the invitation to test the stage, that is, only to accept the invitation of the quality of application developers, qualified and the open platform docking. After more than six months of testing, Baidu is expected to end the test period at the alliance summit, officially opened.

at the end of December last year, Baidu released data show that in Baidu open platform application developers and resources has more than 1500, the number of users demand the entire Baidu open platform response has occupied the total search demand 57%.

has spread out background data show that Baidu open platform application has approached 2.3 partners received 10000, submitted to the application of about 20 thousand, which has been audited the on-line application of nearly 10000; at present the total on-line application of total daily experience up to about 42000000 people, with total experience has exceeded 2 billion 500 million people. , the emergence of War Within Three Kingdoms, Plants vs. Zombies, courier inquiries and other day PV millions of applications, many of which developers profitable. The outstanding performance of stage application developers invited, so many small developers eager.

in accordance with the practice, the annual Baidu Union summit is also an important time to launch new incentives. Prior to the news that Baidu will increase the income of alliance partners through various ways, the news can be released at the summit, it is caused by a wide range of partners and industry wide concern. According to insiders revealed that the number of participants in the summit alliance partners far more than in the past, there are a number of APP application developers will also attend the meeting.

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