The future development of electronic commerce

is currently in the world of online shopping product display is static, the number increased in any case each angle of the picture, or the use of 3D technology for object rotation, we can easily make a dress to fold to view about whether its sleeves have the same length, we can take a mobile phone back cover open take a closer look at the internal structure. Although there is now a solution of virtual fitting room and the like, but it can not provide assistance to all online products, in other words, the product line is always passive to the user, because the display is what the user can see what it looks like, like a RPG game, we can’t change the plot (product display mode), although there can be some branch selection (see a few different products, but also can follow the map) to the development of the plot (can not see hope to see their own subjective information).

how to make online shopping more intuitive and more subjective video online shopping should be a good solution. For B2C, the video display should be divided into two levels: free and paid free membership to see is the product of the video image, and pay membership can pay the appropriate fee from the definition of B2C website customer service staff for display products, such as clothing products may require the customer service staff to display clothes in different lighting conditions. So to avoid the problems caused by the shooting conditions bought clothes online and see pictures in different colors; mobile phone and other 3C products may require the customer key, battery handling and other operations, some details can be more careful to observe the mobile phone you want to see, just tell the customer service, and then wait for her will you need to see the mobile location to the camera before you can.

and the more vertical B2C, more conducive to the development of B2C video display, (such as vertical type clothing B2C better can even display models in integrated B2C) is very difficult, only slowly from the previous one kind of goods.

of course how much charge is the need to consider things down, collect more inevitable with less people, a 50 yuan clothes, who will spend 10 yuan on the Internet look? Receive less naturally not profitable, because the video capture and store huge resources and a considerable number of customer service is absolutely not small overhead. If you really start the video online shopping, then how to develop a reasonable fee model is indeed a problem worth exploring. From the user point of view, if 1 yuan can require customer service staff to carry out a 5 minute show, then at least I will accept.

video for C2C, its application should be better solved, the seller is now proposed postage as video display prices, buyers can choose whether to.

from the current point of view, the most likely video B2B is not suitable for the development of electronic commerce, for the time being.

need to add here is that the video display must be archived for both sides of the authentication and evaluation, so as not to sell the seller >

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