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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) November 16th news, on Friday (13) in November, the official has been confirmed with the takeaway platform hungry it reached a strategic investment plan, the specific details of cooperation did not disclose.

According to the report,

Analysys think tank, the first half of 2015 takeaway food trade share beauty group is listed first, 34.49%, "hungry" followed by 33.47%. But in the first quarter, champion and runner up seating is in turn, "hungry" in the first place, U.S. ranked second. But at the crucial moment for seating, the United States and "shareholder public comment hungry" merger, which will inevitably bring about changes and impact to the takeaway O2O competition.

and there is no difference between the amount of hunger and business in the business, there is a common investor in the context of financing, fully meet the criteria for investors to choose Zhang Xuhao capital recognized on the complementary resources". In the business, the number of vehicles and drivers to increase the amount of traffic to go hungry hungry logistics and distribution capabilities, and Uber had been involved in takeaway this way to go through. In the context of financing, the two sides have a lot of common investors, including Jinsha River venture capital, Tencent, Jingwei, CITIC Industrial fund.

in the industry view, "bit" has grown from a single taxi software, a taxi, car, train, cover, driving and ride buses, one-stop travel platform, the goal is to do a mobile travel comprehensive entrance. In the delivery industry to occupy a larger market share of the "hungry", has just launched in August this year, open online meal ordering distribution platform, the main immediate distribution and open platform concept. Analysts believe that drops may be taken to the field of cooperation in the field of takeout distribution. It is reported that the two sides will work together to build two wheeled electric vehicles plus four wheels of the car 2+4 city distribution system.

in the current not bad money situation, takeaway O2O market has become the focus of attention. Insiders pointed out that in the current fragmented state, logistics is the stage takeaway O2O should pay attention to the problem, "only to establish a core distribution system, and to gradually improve, takeaway O2O have the ability to achieve rapid development."

addition, the integration of automotive and electric vehicle capacity, will solve the problem of distribution of commodities in the city. In the main logistics line, commodities can use the bicycle capacity and relatively high speed vehicle distribution, for distribution of the last mile, the more flexible electric vehicles to complete. Based on efficient distribution system, hungry it will be expected to have food staple food platform to shorten to less than 12 hours, and cut nearly a trillion tons of bulk meals market.

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