Central bank warned that the risk of P2P platform may touch the bottom line of illegal fund raising

central bank issued 2013 annual report this year, real estate prices or rents and other areas of conduction

yesterday (June 11th), the central bank issued the people’s Bank of China annual report 2013, warning P2P net loan platform risk. Annual report highlights the financial activities of Internet companies may even touch the illegal fund-raising, illegal business, such as the bottom line". The annual report also said that in 2014 to continue to implement prudent monetary policy, the overall price level will remain basically stable, but the real estate prices are still rising, it is likely to gradually rent and other related areas.

text / table reporter Lin Xiaoli

P2P net loan platform second wave run away incoming tide, recently, Beijing P2P network platform Campbell occurred Juankuan phenomenon. Yesterday, the central bank issued the annual report of the people’s Bank of China 2013, a special warning of the risk of P2P net loan platform.

is studying the regulation of Internet banking

annual report pointed out that the public to raise financing for the development of the industry started, there are about 21 public financing platform. With the rapid development of Internet banking, the risk of concealment, infectivity, universality, sudden increase. Reporters observed that from the beginning of the second half of last year, P2P platform frequent foot events and continuous fermentation in the first half of this year.

central bank annual report mentioned, conducted in-depth research and development of people’s Bank of Chinese led by the relevant ministries on the Internet financial and regulatory issues, and study and formulate guidelines to promote the healthy development of Internet banking industry.

yesterday, there are P2P platform official told reporters that the majority of people in the industry want to be regulated as soon as possible. It is reported that before the introduction of government regulatory policies, the current number of P2P are actively seeking third party supervision.

talk about monetary policy

is expected this year by 13%


report said that in 2014 continue to implement a proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy, money supply M2 is expected to grow by about 13%. At the same time, put forward five points in the policy outlook, one is the comprehensive use of quantity, price and other monetary policy tools to maintain moderate liquidity. Two is to revitalize the stock, incremental optimization. Three is to further promote the interest rate market and the RMB exchange rate formation mechanism reform. Four is to increase direct financing support to broaden the financing channels for small and micro enterprises. Five is to effectively prevent systemic financial risks, and earnestly safeguard the stability of the financial system.

talk about price trends

real estate prices are still rising

central bank pointed out that the overall price level is expected to remain basically stable. However, there are some uncertainties, rising labor costs increased upward pressure on agricultural products, services, prices, real estate prices are still rising, there may be gradually transfer to the rent and other related areas, to promote price reform of resource products will form the upward pressure on prices to a certain extent.

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