One week news review Zhongguancun online selling Free upgrade to Win10 You are kidding

1.12306 code to dynamic picture media with "find your sister

March 16th, the latest news, 40 days of the 2015 Spring Festival yesterday officially ended. And on the 16 day, many people use the software to grab votes, but found that all of the mobile client products and PC software using the browser to grab votes have expired. After understanding, it turned out to be the official website of 12306 verification code verification mode upgrade.

as shown in figure 12306, the dynamic verification code for random images, such as map code tips, users need to click on the corresponding picture all eligible to pass verification.

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2 consumption in the sun: Online 315, Chinese consumers cheated report

last night, CCTV 315 evening broadcast, including auto 4S shop "ailment overhaul", telephone fraud, free WiFi steal user information related to the rights and interests of consumers one by one exposure. At the same time at the party, "Penguin" cool exclusive release "online 315· national survey, for the majority of Internet users Chinese, sampling and analysis of fake and fraud through more direct way, finally completed the" 315: Chinese online netizen "cheated" report ".

A total of 109871 users participated in the

survey, covering more than 20 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government). From the first tier cities to the villages in the county, we heard voices from all over the place.

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3 WeChat sword governance circle of friends "centesimate" social ecological purification

March 15th, WeChat in the "international consumer"

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