Jia Sijun how to get three years of network marketing experience in the next three months

from time to time a netizen Mail, MSN and IM message or telephone consultation the author Jia Sijun, how to get more experience in network marketing in a short period of time, or how to make the enterprise internal network market personnel training in order to meet the basic requirements such as enterprise network marketing personnel before? I have a call they practice now why don’t you think I write this article for more articles to engage in network marketing work or want to set up the enterprise network marketing team is more straightforward to perform? This before the author of an article entitled "teach you how to get three years of work experience in electronic commerce" in three months, here I am want to continue to borrow, think it could be applied to the network marketing industry. Even if we did not get the results of three years of work experience, but we did not lose, at least we have a wealth of theoretical knowledge in the future interview process.

1, analyze their personality and interests, determine their own direction in the industry, is technology, or management, or training or what. Of course, through the analysis of their strengths and weaknesses to understand the degree of competition in the industry and the size of the development of space. The main reference for their own interests, are you interested in, don’t ask what is the network marketing industry friends network marketing, network marketing and so on. What is the future of this problem, I think any fellow jiasijun has been fidgety, time to ask these as they ask yourself. Miracle, from never give up.

2, learning organization network marketing, market research, preparation of network marketing industry report, published relevant papers about network marketing, network marketing to join the influential industry association, a professor of voice communication related industry experts, the best can become a disciple type to have her phone so often to use his name card, this the platform and practice through their own efforts to move forward, do not say what is difficult, this world is not what is not difficult, the key is as long as you work under the deep Human effort is the decisive factor..

A. Buy network marketing industry authoritative newspapers and magazines through the Internet search and collect effective information, not less than three hundred thousand words, the network marketing industry and key enterprises, you don’t tell me the network marketing enterprises less or you can’t find so much? I admit that the network marketing industry is the pioneer groping stage, all enterprises are in the find full, but I can tell you is in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an, Changsha such enterprises or engaged in the practice of the implementation of the industry is still quite much, in addition to various provinces and cities now have so few, even you can selectively study with you the long-term planning required. In the computer data analysis, classification, summary. Then it’s best to remember or print it out and see more.

B. Reference network marketing industry books, to determine the outline of writing, to determine the structure and logical direction of the article, the ability to cultivate the ability to express and logic, as well as skilled computer, English skills.

C. The three hundred thousand words of data becomes ten to fifteen words, written in a published format with writing requirements of the newspaper industry.

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