Smart phone network trial forum virtual currency and real currency exchange

believe that all play forum webmaster all know, a virtual currency in the forum, but the forum virtual currency nearly 100% of the nominal, no practical value for members. Members respect the fruits of labor, this is a very responsible for members of the.

intelligent mobile phone forum of frog ( with virtual currency: currency WDA (frog currency) 1 WDA money, equivalent to 1 yuan, as long as you make contribution for forum, such as post, reply, propaganda forum, upload videos, ringtones, themes, pictures, the system will automatically add to your forum. The other for the excellent performance of the membership management personnel will also award WDA coins, the criteria are as follows: (one)

forum currency system add standard:

, a new theme: the system automatically increases the 2 Frog coins;

two, published reply: the system automatically increases the cost of 1 frogs;

three, published Annex: the system automatically adds 1 frog coins;

four, visit promotion: the system automatically adds 1 frog coins;

five, register promotion: the system automatically adds 1 frog coins;

six, an essence: the system automatically increases the cost of 10 frogs.

Use the

WDA coin: (rank: Lieutenant – * – lieutenant and above members can shop)

this forum 1 WDA currency equivalent to RMB 1. The use of WDA coins, you can store in WDA mobile phone ( in the purchase of any equivalent of the mobile phone and accessories, including: intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone screen protection posts, mobile phone batteries, mobile phone shell, mobile phone memory card, Bluetooth headset and so on.

such as: a value of 3000 yuan of smart phones, you only need to use the 300000 WDA coins can be purchased without a penny of cash.

note: one-time maximum purchase value of 5000 yuan ($500000 WDA) of the following items.

slogan of this forum uses: earn WDA smart phone forum WDA coins, you can buy free smart phones and accessories!

so effectively through the barriers of forum virtual money and real money, encourage more posts, make more contribution to the forum. Promote the forum into a healthy interactive development.


1 forum of virtual currency and the exchange rate to set up reasonable and feasible, the enthusiasm of the exchange rate is too large to reassure members, a hard day to earn money forum can not exchange 1 yuan, then the member will feel to do not have what meaning. The same exchange rate is too small, members earn money is too easy forum, the owners of the economic pressure on the increase. In general, each of the 1 million posts (including keynote Forum) pay about 10 thousand yuan.

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