Baidu search a small range of pages similar to Google

December 7, 2010, Baidu search has been revised, mainly in the page style. According to the owners reflect the revision may be a small area, some areas are still in the old version. In addition, IE6 users are still in the old version, for unknown reasons.

below the revised style, screenshots listed below:


1, LOGO is more delicate, no burr.

2, search box with a shadow effect, similar to the Google search box.

3, Baidu click button, coupled with three-dimensional effect, more hypertrophy.


revised Baidu, and Google is not even closer to the



search list page changes, it is also obvious.

1, small LOGO more delicate.

2, the removal of the Baidu set as home page, with a light blue background bar

3, search box and button style, more Google, more powerful.


Baidu recent action compared to previous years, more frequent. Its products are constantly new, constantly revised. Baidu really want to make China’s traffic king. In terms of search engines, the technology is not as strong as Google, but still learning from Google.

statement: refers to the purchase of needles ( webmaster writing, please indicate the source.

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