National Network nformation Office focused on investigating 65 illegal marriage website

in Beijing in February 17, reporter 17, learned from the state Internet Information Office, "since the marriage site serious violations of dishonesty" special rectification work carried out, according to reports from the public, the national network information office organized forces, on the eve of the Spring Festival to focus on the verification disposal a number of dissemination of pornographic and vulgar information illegal dating sites, including love the sky and the city network, the lover and the lover about guns and one night stand, about loving friends, play the net, to explain, have happy palace, the happy forest forum, a total of 65 net rose 22.

it is understood that the website or to allow a false identity registration; or malicious disclosure of user registration information; or the default user, condone illegal acts of dishonesty; or dissemination of pornographic and other illegal information, if the circumstances are serious, adverse effects. National network information office to coordinate the relevant departments of the above sites have been taken off, canceled filing and other management measures.

National Network Information Office official said that the special rectification work will continue to investigate and deal with illegal dating sites, increase the complaints and to investigate exposure efforts, resolutely governance dating website peccant chaos. Supervise the legitimate operation of the marriage website bear the main responsibility for the site management, and strive to create a good online marriage, friendship atmosphere.

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