As a writer the following points need to be kept in mind

[Abstract] it is more difficult to apply the knowledge to practice than to learn the unknown knowledge.


TNW Chinese station on March 8th reported

as I write more, I find that I have a lot to learn about how to write good articles.

, however, is more difficult to learn than the knowledge of how to apply it to practice. Fortunately, I have worked with a number of excellent editors, and they help me to optimize each article. In addition, I am also trying to learn from other writers to improve their skills.

at the same time, I found some general rules, and the most outstanding contributors to these rules are well known. In fact, the most difficult part is the application of these rules in the process of writing. Only after you understand the rules, can you begin to practice.

article is the most important part of the title

an article usually contains many elements. As a writer, I often find that the title I refine (more often the title of the edited refinement) is more important than the rest of the article. This is indeed the case. The title is the most important tool that you attract others to read, sometimes even the only tool.

recently, Crew editor Joe · Makei (Jory Mackay) in the blog explained the importance of the title: title is more important than the content of the article. The headline will appeal to readers. By the title, you are actually asking the reader to spend some time on your text. It can be said that the title is a promise, and you will be content in the article to honor this commitment."

another editor James · Altucher (James Altucher) also suggested a headline to attract readers. He said: "please do not forget that you need to compete with tens of thousands of other content to the reader’s attention."

in his blog, for example: "I wanted to use the title" how do I make a woman feel pain, "but in the end I chose the pain of sin. There are other interesting examples, such as "I would like to abort the first child, this is very bad"."

another option is to arouse the reader’s curiosity. This means that the title can give the reader some hints, but not the whole story. There is a good example of this on Upworthy.

lead should attract the readers to continue reading

Copyblogger Blaine · (Brian Clark), said the purpose of each sentence in the article is to attract readers to read the next sentence. This principle also applies to your title: the purpose of the title is to attract readers to read the article >

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