Daily topic WeChat payment will be open to third parties by challenge Alipay

station network (www.admin5.com) November 19th news, WeChat announced yesterday, the Tencent nine interface capability in Guangzhou, where WeChat paid "has become a hot market. It is understood that in the future will be divided into yards to pay the scan code payment, APP payment and the public number to pay for the three. The industry generally believe that the popularity of WeChat to achieve a complete closed loop from online to offline, open up the last ring O2O.

although WeChat assistant general manager of product department has said that due to the safety of the user involved in the property, WeChat for business qualifications, goods and experience will be strictly audited. In addition, due to WeChat just launched, is still in perfect, the next will be more clear information on the audit, the process is more perfect. WeChat payment is therefore not open within nine interfaces. However, Zeng Ming said, WeChat payment development has exceeded expectations. For securities, insurance and other sectors need to pay for the need to customize the industry, WeChat team has to study the policy, including the purchase of legitimacy and process safety. WeChat will launch a clear solution for individual industries. Zhang Ying, deputy general manager of WeChat products, said WeChat pay development speed and trend than the outside world to be high.

WeChat payment for Ali is definitely a big threat. In recent years, Alipay in the frenzied promotion of their Alipay wallet, Ali launched the micro Amoy, kn and a series of mobile terminal, traffic tools, to seize the mobile payment market position is an important defense Ali, Ali himself that Alipay in its strategic position, once Alipay broke down, Ali will continue retreat. WeChat payment is rare in recent years, let Ali nervous products, WeChat has hundreds of millions of subscribers, and activity is very high, instead of the SMS, this popularity even more than the popularity of Alipay on the PC side, the best strategy once WeChat found WeChat pay scale application of Alipay, it is easy to be marginalized. This is not alarmist.


also feel the pressure from WeChat to pay. In "WeChat · public communication partner will be the same day, Alipay wallet officially announced that the company settled Alipay wallet public service platform will be exempted from any certification fees. Alipay wallet will strictly check on every enterprises, ensure that all businesses are authentic brands. A few days earlier, Alipay also announced, said from the beginning of December 3, 2013 Alipay account transfers on the computer will charge a fee, 0.5 yuan, 10 yuan cap. Electricity supplier analysts pointed out that Alipay PC terminal charges, mobile phone charges do not end, this is the Alipay users to the mobile terminal in time, to counter WeChat payment strategy.

is a collaboration with both businesses said that between Alipay wallet and WeChat has been paid in the rivalry, with the deepening of the mobile payment, the competition is escalating. Alipay wireless terminal to fight the "personal wallet", WeChat payment scenarios involving Japanese > emphasize

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