t is necessary to know a few grassroots elite

1, Dong Qinfeng (laggards www.im286.com)

Zhejiang Shaoxing, known as "refuse swimming fish", was born in 1974, 96 years to 98 years making the Internet, personal home page "behind the modern man", 99 years to 2000 "modern people" behind the chat room, the revision in 2001 to the laggards forum. Because of its development in the process has always insisted on the original content, and adhere to the freedom of operation, sharing, mutual aid community spirit, so the laggards in the webmaster group has a relatively high reputation.

Dong Qinfeng is a man of principle. From the initial contact with the personal homepage now laggards forum, although experienced many twists and turns, but he remained optimistic attitude runs the website, the personal webmaster actively tenacious spirit with their own way of interpretation at the same time, he is also the most incisive; a conservative rebellion "outdated" who face many temptations of the Internet industry and he refused to commercialization, refused to follow the trend, laggards forum in recent years has been retained in the pure "outdated" color, from color to almost immutable and frozen.

"people misunderstand me. I have been careless about dressing, so I am an old-fashioned guy, my site is so named the laggards forum. But does not mean lagging behind, sometimes only relatively non mainstream. I’m a cautious person, but not conservative. Sometimes it’s not so easy to keep ten years apart." His way.

2, Zhang Zhengjun (webmaster network www.admin5.com)

Anhui, Guichi, net name, figure Wang, born in 1976. 2006 Network Entrepreneurship contest consultant, President of the Xuzhou Internet association, has been the national computer information technology OSTA software engineer certification, the current DoNews columnist.


the king of network planning, website construction, network operators to promote deep experience, "the business is very sensitive, and at the site of operation and business development, is a generalist." Dong Qinfeng said to him. Because he often give other personal webmaster guidance, teach you how to build a site, how to promote, and later for the owners of the thunder event…… Figure the king’s fame is getting up, he was called "the most generous webmaster".

The first site of

Zhang Zhengjun is the picture class website, day and night to update, because he had done a website, dozens of large and small customers. Also because he poured a lot of effort, the results of these sites are good, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of traffic. At that time in the search engine search pictures and other related keywords, often the first few pages are the king’s website. One of the sites is ranked in front of hundreds of Alexa position. The chapter Zhengjun net graph king, is therefore to.

3, Yao Jianjun (station www.chinaz.com)

Fujian Quanzhou, the name "hooligan"

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