Game analysis platform DeltaDNA financing 3 million tell you players do not want to pay the top 10


DeltaDNA CEO Mark Robinson

game analysis and personalization platform DeltaDNA has just announced the acquisition of $3 million financing. DeltaDNA can help game developers to find and analyze specific user groups. Round of financing led investors from the new strategic investor Edge Performance VCT. Existing investors Par Equity, STV Group and the Scottish Bank with cast in.

at this point, was established in 2010 in Scotland, DeltaDNA has received two rounds of financing totaling $5 million. DeltaDNA will use this round of financing to expand business in the United States and around the world. Its existing customers include Tactile Entertainment, 505 GAmes and Herotainment, etc..

DeltaDNA CEO Mark Robinson said in a statement: Although the analysis data in the game industry has been in existence for some time, but the real-time personalized game and big data is the key to the long-term success of the game to help you. Game developers or publishers should continue to learn how other successful peers can attract more users with less cost.

attached: DeltaDNA has investigated more than 100 free mode games, and mining the game design and profit mechanism, and finally summed up the ten points, why the players do not want to spend money in the game.

1 game companies want to make money as soon as possible

in free mode inside the game, game player retention rate is not high, and the game publishers and game development companies also tend to make a common mistake, that is, too soon, they had the opportunity to enhance the game player participation, but too anxious to make money from the game player pocket.

in fact, DeltaDNA found in the survey, 62% of the game companies have this problem.

if you put onto a game player under the scenario, that is to say, to make them feel, no money can not play, so the final result is only one game player will go off in a huff. So, the first thing you need to do is to make a good game design, game player can not spend a penny to play in the end, this will greatly enhance the game player participation, and long-term.

2, there is no risk or box mechanism

players in the game, you can use the random draw way, so that they have the opportunity to get some expensive game goods, or some game currency. Those who do not want to spend money will be very fond of free stuff. For those who are willing to spend

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