From the fire to die on the face of a burst of explosive faceu entrepreneurs can learn what

2016 March, faceu announced the acquisition of millions of video social B round of financing, the team has created the explosion face adorable APP, adorable face when the fire one died after the silence for a long time, until faceu was born, now both life and death, the ever popular adorable face and now the explosion in faceu what is "easy" to gather the first users of


face Meng, as well as a fire on the death of those who burst their

from 2014 to 2015, those with interesting, and eventually died of a critical section "fresh sense" APP is not a few, adorable face, footprint, no secret, magic man, and a similar explosion H5 game: surrounded by nervous cat.

They had

in the past, "flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum" what can we learn good experience? The user can quickly gather the energy of


adorable face, launched in 2014 and was recommended in the app store is still tepid, until 2015, with a simple and fun cartoon picture made in four days to complete 1 million 200 thousand downloads, and within a month the user successfully rose to 30 million


foot futoplace, with the film photo feature in just a month’s time to gather millions of users!

no secret, a function to spy on friends secret, the rapid growth of APP, eventually died of plagiarism.

The huge energy

them are derived from a "extreme" product features, face adorable social cartoon picture interesting enough to remember is to photograph film feeling, no secret watch of humanity……

before becoming explosive, they are provided to the user a pain point demand.

faceu how to use face MOE factor back to the market

once burst of red magic diffuse camera in the evaluation by the industry fire one died, continuous growth, early implementation of user and business on the road ahead of landing, and distress to only two staff’s situation is different, in the magic man to re-examine and innovative products.

face Meng’s death, giving the team a double experience of success and failure: how to fire and how to avoid death".

and face MOE biased accident explosion is different, faceu is a long time after grinding out of the outbreak, but also after a relatively long time to complete the spread of the product.

from the "fire" experience in grinding out a "breaking point": taking pictures with Meng Da (or funny) effect, and how to avoid the dead "experience also let faceu understand" precipitation user "and" user retention "importance.

explosion and low tide between what we learned


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